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You can search over 5000 firms, leisure parks, animal parks like zoos, etc...  The online leisure and entertainment listing website will put you in touch with fun leisures, days out, paintball, theater, museum, exposition, show, cinema, zoos...

Aquatic parks are also great to have fun, especially in the summertime.

One day off on a circuit for karting or quad, is a perfect opportunity to relax with friends and have fun.


Theme parks allow both kids and adults to learn a lot about places or times they have never been to.

Adventure parks will offer you a great outdoor entertainment.


Bowling is a good leisure as both men and women like it. It's perfect to chill out and laugh while playing sports.


Museums are good for children and parents.

Theaters may help you relax a little after work.

Cinemas, of course offer a cheap entertainment, but it's not an extraordinary leisure you'll remember a few years after doing it.

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